Fast of the Firstborn

Today is for the innocents,

children who died in a world of cruelty

they were too young to create,

mothers and fathers, old ladies and men

swept away with tides of hatred and despair.

Today is for hospital workers,

And school teachers

Who couldn’t control from where bombs would emerge

Who were powerless in a world of fear.

Today we fast,

Because we know

that each life is another world

lost to us forever

Even when there is no other way,

Even in war,

We mourn

Because we must.

Today we fast

And we dream

Of a day when good people need not lose their lives

When waves of hatred will be but ripples

In a sea of comradely and love,

faith so strong it can divide waters,

paving for us the path to freedom.

Until that day we fast.

We fast and we dream.

Hopefully not for long.

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